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If You Can't Say Anyth.....

I've noticed that what I do here on LJ is write an entry and then never post it. I don't know if that's therapeutic or neurotic. Or both. I also don't know if this is a post or a Tweet.

Lazy Bailey and the Impossible Epee

Well, my retirement from LJ lurking has clearly been a rousing success. I swear I promised myself I would post at least once a week (which I negotiated down from once a day). I could blame it on a busy schedule, but I probably wouldn't have written even if my day was completely free. I'm a big fan of setting goals for myself and then never achieving them. So I've decided to blame the pretentious entitled Theatre majors. Because I don't like them.

I've been back from fencing hiatus for almost 2 months now and I'm still not used to my new epee. Nick and I got the adult-sized ones when we learned that at the club they've been having us use the kiddie epees. I think the flaw in my logic was that my arm is pretty much kid length, so this almost 6-inch longer blade is really straining my forearm to the point where I can't hold it up independently by the end of a lesson. I should probably just man up and get a Shake Weight.


What the what???

After several years of lurking in the shadows on LiveJournal I've decided to unground myself from posting. After senior year of high school was over I would look with shame over my old posts and scoff. I hated myself for writing what I had and decided that it was better for me to not express myself with words at all. Then I made a Twitter account. And did the same damn thing, albeit shorter. I would like to just delete all of my posts and start afresh, but I shan't. I guess they serve as a nice little time capsule of my angsty teenage years. For now, suffice it to say that I'm back and ready to write another batch of cringe-worthy petty posts.

In Memoriam

Tiny Tim a.k.a. "Timmy," my retarded psycho crippled bird has passed away.  He was a mean-spirited, anitsocial bastard with a limp, which made him the perfect pet for me. Timmy, I will miss you biting my finger, freaking out over concert music, and pooping more than all the pets I've ever owned combined. I love you, Tim, and I miss you already.



Ugh I just want out. I'm assuming i'm depressed or something of that sort because I've been perpetually tired since I can remember. Or perhaps it's because my family disrupts my sleep every morning with their loudness and annoying existance. Still searching for a job which would be a hell of a lot easier if my mother could stop talking about it for 5 minutes. I really want one but here continuous jibberjabber about it really makes me want to become a hobo to spite her. I called Wendy's and apparently they're hiring, but I have to wait until Monday to get in touch with the manager (blah). I might have a chance there because I know a couple of people who work there and apparently my comprehension of the English language is an advantage for me.

In other news I had to change my orientation date so now I will most likely know no one there and I'll have to be all sociable and stuff which would normally be okay, making new friends and suchlike, but as of now I'm dreading the whole affair, including sleeping in UML's closets...erm dorms for the night. Ickmeister.(Note to self: bring your squishy pillow)



Prom's tomorrow, and I don't know what to do with my hair.

I'm going to Blaine and I'm going to get an updo, but I have no ideas. If anyone else does, let me know :-).

In 24 hours, I will be outta here!!!!

Finally, I found out that Hulu is not blocked here. Too little to late.


Ok karma got me. I write an angry hypothetical ode to the FOX network and they kill off my favorite of House's ducklings. Maybe if I say "Dear ancient demons of screwing Bailey over, I'm sorry I opinionize," they'll kill off Taub like they should have in the first place.


What the hell, CBS and FOX?
I do not appreciate your anti-Bailey scheduling
Do you not realize that you have scedule my favorite shows at the same time?
Not everyone has Teevo, CBS and FOX.

How am I to choose between my British love and my gay love?
And how am I to know what shenanigans Sheldon is getting into?
Do you not care, CBS and FOX?
Do you not feel my pain?

American Idol does not need to be on any more.
It's old, stop screwing with my schedule.
And why is the Late Late show on at 12:35?
I need to get up early, and that 5 minute delay by Letterman irks me.

It was summer, and it was hot.
Rachel was there.
A lonley gray couch.
"Oh look!" cried Ned. And the kingdom was his forever.

Take heed, CBS and FOX
You will lead to my demise, or perhaps your own/


eeep. ugh arms ache from 60 billion shots yesterday (i exaggerate, but only slightly). i have a dance quarterly tomorrow which will suck immensly if i can't lift my arms as my doctor said would be a side affect for a few days for on of the vaccination.  also, i think i'm running a slight fever, but i really can't tell. my arms won't lift to my head. did not sleep last night so crabby and elmoishly not correctly applying syntax. on the other hand, not sleeping made it surprisingly easy to recall what i had studied last night.